Our mission : resolving issues related to water and climate change

Combining advanced environmental impact models with high-resolution climate projections to give you the critical insight you need on climate change risks and extreme events in your projects and territorial policies.

How will help you ?

At the crossroads of numerical hydroclimatology and artificial intelligence


HYDROCLIMAT offers innovative solutions to secure and guide investments, economic and industrial strategies in the medium and long term. 


What we offer :

* Ready-to-use climate and hydrological projections (High resolution variables and indicators from 1950 to 2100)
* Climate and climate change risk assessment
* Diagnostics of vulnerability to climate change
* Ready-to-use hydrological forecasts (High resolution short-term forecasts of discharge, flood and flooded areas — coming soon)


Who we help :


” We must ensure that the existing or planned infrastructures, built for a long period, make it possible to respond satisfactorily to the expected changes of climate ” Need of an international construction company.

Therefore, we give optimal sizing of infrastructures and buildings to climate change risks and extreme events.


By producing tailor-made high spatial resolution indicators (1 km) representative of climate risks for different time horizons (1950-2100) on site (France & International).
  • Trend hazards : precipitation, temperature, snow, frost, etc.
  • Extreme hazards: heat waves, droughts, floods, storms, forest fire index, marine submersion, etc.
We create innovative services and products to support long-term infrastructures operation (Smart Infrastructures & Buildings). Together, we improve infrastructures and buildings resilience to climate change.



  • Exposure of Caribbean to climate change for the orientation of investments in climate resilience – for Resallience by Sixense (Vinci Group)
  • Vulnerability analysis of two French airports to climate change – for Resallience by Sixense (Vinci Group)
  • Climate change exposure of tertiary buildings (France & Australia) to climate change risks – for Resallience by Sixense (Vinci Group)


” How to limit the exposure of cities to climate risks and extreme events ? Where to densify the city while taking into account for climate change risks ? Where are the infrastructures to be preserved or created ?” Need of a development actor in the South of France

Therefore, we provide a multi-criteria multi-issues vulnerability diagnosis of the city to climate change risks and extreme events through an identification of the city’s strengths and weaknesses and a risk assessment incurred by the districts, for instance; all in a bid of defining priority adaptation measures and key actions for the city.


By producing tailor-made high resolution indicators (1 km) representative of climate risks in urban areas (France & International) for different time horizons (1950-2100).
We create innovative services and products to support resilient community planning (Smart Cities). Together, we improve the adaptation of cities to the future climate while preserving their attractiveness.




” How to identify and anticipate climate risks ? Which is the expected evolution for the grape varieties in 2030 ? How to adapt cultural methods to this evolution ?” Need of a French vineyard

Therefore, we offer an agricultural decision support tool to climate change risks for helping farmers into effective decisions for long-term crop management.


By producing tailor-made indicators describing the exposure of the parcel to climate risks for different time horizons (1950-2100) on site (France & International).
  • Agro-climatic indicators: frost, droughts, heavy precipitations, heat waves, VPD, diseases and climate-related parasites, etc.
  • Agro-hydrologic indicators: water deficit, water stress, irrigation water demand, etc.
We create innovative products and services to support sustainable and optimal crop management (Smart  Agriculture). Together, we adapt agriculture to climate change through, for instance, new farming methods and selecting the most resistant types of crop to changing climate conditions over the coming.



  • Exposure of cereals to extreme climate risks – for Weather Measures (In progress)
  • Exposure of farms to climate risks – for the Société du Canal de Provence (In progress)

We insure benefits

  • Finance --- Reduction of operating losses & Optimization of yields

  • Market --- International market opening, diversification & innovation

  • Security --- Save lives and limit damages

  • Leadership --- Securing national and international positions & informed decision-making

In view of the COP 26, we provide innovative solutions in favour of carbon neutrality in  2050 and guide adaptation decisions.

Innovation in very high spatial resolution numerical hydroclimatology


We combine our expertise in the fields hydrology and climate change to the artificial intelligence to give our clients efficient solutions enabling informed decision-making on climate change risks and water-related issues.

From the numerous and complex climate change databases, as a result, we offer an intelligible and robust vision of the expected climate change impacts at the local scale.

“Most importantly, HYDROCLIMAT makes towards building confidence in climate change risk assessment. ”

POP-Risk developed by HYDROCLIMAT is a disaster simulation system (pre-disaster tool) for the assessment of climate and climate change risks. Moreover, we developed it to help (re)insurers, infrastructure managers, companies and local authorities design economic and safe solutions for long-term planning.

To read : HYDROCLIMAT anticipe le changement climatique

Why us ?

  • Credibility --- Our models and algorithms are referenced in rank A international scientific journals.

  • Reliability --- We use the most up-to-date weather and climate data from authoritative providers such as CORDEX, C3S and ECMWF.

  • Adaptability --- We create products and services that can be adapted to different needs and budgets of our clients.

  • Ingenuity --- We continually refine our models and algorithms considering the state-of-the-art research and new technologies.

A Young Innovative Company in numerical hydroclimatology and climate change, labelled GreenTech Innovation and certified CIR


HYDROCLIMAT has grown within the business incubator of the French Research Ministry (Paca-Est Incubator) and the technical incubator of the European Space Agency (ESA BIC South France).

Our M3E proprietary technology is the cornerstone in POP-Risk. M3E is a disruptive technology qualified as DeepTech by BPI France (French Tech Emergence grant). Indeed, M3E is at the crossroads of the state-of-the-art research in :

  • Data science, big data and IA
  • Numerical simulation, multi-model, statistical processing and ensemble systems
  • Climate science, hydrology and climate change
  • Exposure, risk and vulnerability to climate change

Above all, our « Tech For Good » POP-Risk is designed to answer one of the major challenges of the 21st century : Adaptation to Climate Change. 

Beta-tester of the C3S Copernicus products, HYDROCLIMAT is part of the startup community of the French Environment Ministry and of the Aqua-Valley, SAFE et System Factory competitiveness clusters.

HYDROCLIMAT is the winner of the French Recovery Plan of CNES in the thematic “Safe, sustainable and resilient territories” and of the French Recovery Plan of CNRS with the innovative POP-FLOOD project : short-term flood forecasting.

In addition, the company was the EDF & Veolia firms favourite startup during the 2020 Eco Masterclass.


Our partners


A dynamic and highly experienced team with technical cutting edge skills in numerical hydroclimatology

The founders have 20 years’ expertise in the field of climate change impact assessment.

Magali Troin


Ph.D. in Geosciences

Expert in hydroclimatology and climate change
Associate Researcher – Hydrology, Climate and Climate Change (HC3) Laboratory, ETS, University of Quebec (Canada)

Adrien Lambert

Ph.D. in Geosciences

Expert in physical oceanography and climate change
Consultant to Quebec Ministries (Security, Transport and Environment)

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