About us

At the crossroads of numerical hydroclimatology and artificial intelligence

Magali and Adrien have both been in office for a few years. Adrien works in Rimouski, on the banks of the Saint Laurent. He carries out field campaigns, swell measurement, and works on marine submersion and wave climate modelling. Magali has a position at the ETS (Ecole de Technologie Supérieure) in Montreal, where she works on coupled hydrology-climate modeling and climate change impact on water resources.

Passionate about their jobs and complement one other, the project is taking seed in their mind to go beyond the stage of university research to move the lines and try the adventure of entrepreneurship. After a few meetings and exchanges with entrepreneurs and water stakeholders, they decided to take the plunge.

Our goal

Reliable information on physical climate risk for all

Hydroclimat is set the goal of enabling all companies and communities in France, Europe and beyond to get relevant and reliable information on physical climate risk. The goal? That all companies and communities can secure and guide their investments and their long-term economic development, thus limiting the climate risk of transition and liability.

Our values

Core values

Our technology

Using data to identify, assess and reduce risks

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The data is useful for understanding climate events and therefore anticipating climate risks. By collecting, cross-referencing, aggregating, post-processing billions of climate data from the scientific community, we produce and provide reliable data of high value. Reliable data ensure true and accurate risk identification. As a result, we offer an intelligible and robust vision of the expected climate change impacts at the local scale. Most importantly, Hydroclimat makes towards building confidence in climate change risk assessment.

We create innovative numerical technology-based solutions that contribute to sustainable development. Our M3E© proprietary technology is the cornerstone in POP-Risk. M3E© is a disruptive technology qualified as DeepTech by BPI France (French Tech Emergence grant). Indeed, M3E© is at the crossroads of the state-of-the-art research in:


Data science, multi-sources, big data and AI


Numerical simulation, multi-model, statistical processing, and ensemble systems


Climate science, hydrology, hydraulic, and climate change


Exposure, risk, and vulnerability to climate change

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Building on our experience in North America, we combine our expertise in climate change, water resources and flood with technical cutting-edge skills in numerical modeling to develop POP-Risk. Above all, our « Tech For Good » POP-Risk is designed to answer one of the major challenges of the 21st century: Adaptation to Climate Change.


Human activities are climate-sensitive


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Number of climate models used


Scientific publications (2023)


Doctorat thesis


R&D projects

20PB/ 20TO

Volume of manipulated climate simulations


Volume of manipulated weather simulations

Our expertise

An internationally recognized expertise

Hydroclimat’s expertise is now recognized in France, across Europe and beyond:

Participation in GREC-SUD.

Beta-tester of C3S Copernicus products.

Integration within the data access working team of the 7th CMIP7 coupled model intercomparison project of the World Climate Research Program (WRCP).

Member of the start-up community of the French Environment Ministry, and of the SAFE Cluster, Capenergies, Aqua-Valley and Pôle Mer — System Factor competitiveness clusters.

Winner of the French Recovery Plan of CNES in the thematic “Safe, sustainable and resilient territories” and of the French Recovery Plan of CNRS with the innovative POP-FLOOD project: short-term flood forecasting.

Member of Reseau Entreprendre Var and the EDF & Veolia firms favorite startup during the 2020 Eco Masterclass.

Our team

Our experienced team in numerical hydroclimatology

Adrien Lambert, Ph.D.
Co-founder, Partner, CEO/CTO
Magali Troin, Ph.D.
Co-founder, Partner, CRO/COO
Associate Researcher CNRS (France) & ETS (Canada)
Philippe Ear, Eng., Actuary
Data Scientist in Climate
Mathilde Puche, Eng.
Expert in remote sensing, GIS, and hydrological modelling
Paul Royer-Gaspard, Eng., Ph.D.
Expert in hydraulic modeling and flood risk
Alisson Pellissier, Ph.D.
Expert in computational science

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