Alisson Pellissier, Ph.D.

Alisson - Experte en science computationnelle

Alisson joined Hydroclimat in 2023 as an expert in computational science, machine learning and big data. Within Hydroclimat, Alisson is in charge of development activities for massive hydroclimatic data processing chains, as well as their operation. She is also developing new functionalities for modeling urban heat islands.

Paul Royer-Gaspard, Eng., Ph.D.

paul hydroclimat

Paul joined Hydroclimat in 2022 as a hydraulic engineer with a strong knowledge in implementing 1D and 2D modelling techniques for river and urban flooding applications. Within Hydroclimat, Paul is working on a large range of projects involving river and surface water modelling for flood forecasting and mapping, and flood risk assessment studies.

Mathilde Puche, Eng.

mathilde hydroclimat

Mathilde joined Hydroclimat in 2022 as a GIS-remote sensing analyst and hydrological modeller. Mathilde develops and operates the flood forecasting system. It also operates the hydrological modeling chain and the processing of land surface data from satellite remote sensing.

Philippe Ear, Eng., Actuary

philippe hydroclimat

Philippe joined Hydroclimat in 2022 as a climate data scientist. His mission is to design innovative methods for climate risk assessment. He develops and oversees the statistical post-processing of weather and climate data based on machine learning and AI.

Arnault Trac

arnault hydroclimat

Arnault is a graduate of EM Grenoble through a specialized masters in Entrepreneurship (Syllabus HEC). He began his career in large groups (Michelin and Casino group), where he held cross-functional functions (purchasing, marketing, and sales), and management for 15 years. Endowed with a strong digital impregnation since 1998, he switched to entrepreneurship in 2007 by […]

Magali Troin, Ph.D.

magali hydroclimat

Magali has a Ph.D. in Environmental Geosciences from Aix-Marseille University, with over 15 years of experience in international academic research and the hydroelectricity industry, including 8 years spent in the OURANOS Consortium (Montreal), an innovation cluster on regional climatology and adaptation to climate change. In addition to her position as CRO/CTO at Hydroclimat, she is […]

Adrien Lambert, Ph.D.

adrien hydroclimat

Adrien has a Ph.D. in Environmental Geosciences from the University of Aix-Marseille, with over 20 years of experience in international academic research and the Dutch and Canadian institutional sectors in the field of environmental risk and adaptation to climate change. He was a member of the Delta Comitee in the Netherlands and consultant to Quebec […]