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By combining advanced environmental impact models with high-resolution climate projections, Hydroclimat give its customers and partners the critical insight they need on climate risks and extreme events.

This valuable data-driven information is used as such to support investment strategies and to design and plan sustainable territorial plans. Reliable and relevant data-driven information is essential for effective operation and decision making at all levels.

The importance of that makes doing continuous research necessary to constantly improve the quality and reliability of the climate, water, and flood data that we provide.

Our internal expertise and the issues that we consider to be decisive on water resources and flooding are pushing us towards innovative efforts in very high spatial resolution numerical hydroclimatology. We cross our technical cutting-edge skills in hydrology, hydraulics, and climate change with artificial intelligence to give our customers efficient solutions allowing informed decision-making on climate risks, long-term water resource planning, and future flood risks.

From the numerous and complex climate change data, as a result, we offer an intelligible and robust vision of the expected climate change impacts at the local scale.

“Most importantly, Hydroclimat makes towards building confidence in climate change risk assessment.”

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POP-Risk system

POP-Risk developed by Hydroclimat is a multi-Risk climate, water resource, and flood modeling system that includes a coupled modeling framework for the assessment of climate change impacts.

Moreover, we developed it to help (re)insurers, infrastructure managers, companies and local authorities design economic and safe solutions for long-term planning.

POP-Risk system was partially funded by the French Government as part of France Relance.


Our implication

Our implication in several applied research projects

Industrial Ph.D. Thesis

“Extreme Value Analysis for Hydroclimatology”

Industrial Ph.D. Thesis

“Using satellite remote sensing to better predict and manage floods”

CNRS Post-doctoral researcher project

“Flood forecasting and new technologies”

Industrial Ph.D. Thesis

“Resilience of agriculture to climate change through the development of an operational agronomic decision support tool”

Our scientific publications

We regularly publish research papers

Last publications in world-leading scientific journals

CMIP5 and CMIP6 Model Projection Comparison for Hydrological Impacts Over North America. Geophysical Research Letters, 49, e2022GL098364

Martel, J.-L. Brissette, F., Troin, M., et al.

Generating ensemble streamflow forecasts: A review of methods and approaches over the past 40 years. Water Resources Research 57, e2020WR028392.

Troin, M., Arsenault, R., Brissette, F., Martel, J.

The PAVICS-Hydro platform: A virtual laboratory for hydroclimatic modelling and forecasting over North America

Arsenault, Huard, Martel, Troin, Mai, Brissette, Jauvin, Vu, Craig, Smith, Logan, Tolson, Han, Gravel, Langlois.

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